San Luis Potosí


Hidden among the hills of Xilitla, there is an extraordinary garden built by Edward James, patron and friend of Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Leonora Carrington and other surrealists. Upon hearing about a place where orchids grew in abundance, James made the long journey to the remote corner of the Huasteca region in 1945. In Xilitla, he planted 18,000 orchids, but they all perished in the freezing weather of 1962. Disappointed, James set out to create a garden made of imperishable concrete. In the following forty years, the garden slowly evolved into a fascinating labyrinth comprising over thirty sculptures, paths leading to the forest and nine pools crowned by a waterfall. No one knows the ultimate meaning of his garden, but James once remarked he would like it to be discovered as the ruins of an ancient civilisation.